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School Closing Information

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School Closing Policy
Brookline Public Schools


This Year, in addition to the possibility closing schools due to inclement weather, we may also use a delayed opening. In order to ensure greater safety, the opening of schools may be delayed by either one or two hours.

Should there be a delayed opening, students will be expected to go to their bus stop or to leave their houses (if they walk to school) one (or two) hours after their regularly scheduled time. The bus company and crossing guards will know about the delay and will rearrange their schedules accordingly.

The quickest way to determine whether school will be closed or the opening delayed due to bad weather is to listen to your radio, since the radio stations are the first to be informed. Please do not call the police or school officials. This only ties up telephone lines and disrupts attempts to plan for or respond to emergencies.

"No School" and "Delayed Opening" announcements
are given to the following radio stations before 6:15 A.M.

WBZ 1030 AM WCRB 102.5 FM
WXKS 1089 FM WBUR 90.0 FM
WRKO 680 AM T.V. Stations Channels 4,5,7

If the announcement is not on radio the previous evening, the decision has not yet been made. Normally the decision is not made until the early morning hours of the day in question.

The decision to close or to delay the opening of schools is made by the Superintendent of Schools on the basis of the best information available on street and weather conditions form the police Department, Public Works Department and the U.S. Weather Bureau at the time the decision must be made, usually before 5:45 A.,M. Weather conditions do change sometimes -- for better or for worse but our intent is to determine that it is, indeed, reasonable safe for students and staff to attend school.

If school is held, but conditions are still very bad on any particular street or area of the town parents may use their own judgment in determining whether or not to send a student to school.

If a storm occurs during a school day, school will ordinarily remain in session. We are advised by the Police Department that once students are in school they are better off remaining there than being released early because of a storm. The reasons are several: (1) the Town has more time to service major accesses to and from schools prior to dismissal; (2) parents of many younger children may not be home to receive them; and (3) drivers are not as cautious during hours they expect students to be in school. However, parents should also make certain that their child knows where to go, in case schools are dismissed early. Early dismissals, should they occur, will also be broadcasted in advance over the above listed radio stations.

The cooperation of the general public and the parents of Brookline school children in following the above procedures would be greatly appreciated. The safety of the children will, of course, always be our prime consideration.



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