Athletes Bad Decisions


Athletes make awful decisions.  Especially, Tiger Woods, George Huguely, Warren Sap, Michael Vick. As an article said, athletes that have done these awful things didnÕt only make bad decisions, their bad people.

Tiger Woods knew he had a problem, although he didnÕt stop. The only reason why he did stop was because they caught, and because they made him.

George Huguely made a terrible decision by hitting his girlfriend. With that in mind, the bigger mistake was that he didnÕt stop, and ended up killing her.
Like in GeorgeÕs situation Warren Sap shouldnÕt hit his girlfriend, but the bigger mistake was the damages that he did to her, and he didnÕt stop. He claims that he was doing this because she was flirting with other men; but we all know that there are plenty of other solutions, besides being physical.

Michael VickÕs bad decision(s) was one making dogs fight each other, and two just watching them get hurt, and not get help, or stop them.

A murder, or any other kind of tragic incident has huge impact on not only a team but also reality.

For example Duke Lacrosse a few years ago. They were accused of raping a woman. The case took years for it to be resolved. When they would go back on the field IÕm assuming no one would want be around them. Considering they had the title has a rapist. Even though they were ruled innocent people who donÕt know a lot about would most likely still think of them as the team with the rapists.

This is similar to the UVA case because say if George Huguely was to come back (even though heÕs not) it would cause all sorts of problems.  For example say if George had friends on the team who thought that he was drunk, it wasnÕt his fault, and he couldnÕt help it. Then there were other kids on the team who were friends with the girl; thought that George should go to jail, and it was his fault.  This team would separate; none of them would want to be around each other considering they share different beliefs.