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A note from Matt Durant, Technology Teacher:

Many times, parents ask me for web sites that can help them or suggest web sites they have found are helpful.  On this web page, I have compiled the best parent web sites that I have found.   The problem is I am not a parent!  Here's where you, the parent, can really help out.  If you find a web site or a group of web sites around a topic of interest please e-mail them to me,, with a brief description of the site(s).  I will post these web sites on this page.


Parent Resources:

Helping Your Child With Homework Page
Help for the parent struggling with a child's homework problems.

Child health, illnesses, behavior, nutrition, and fitness

NPIN - National Parenting Information Network 
Information and materials for parents and caregivers.

A parenting e-zine that includes parent bulletin boards and chat rooms

Positive Parenting News
Great for parents looking for solutions to common problems.

Screen It
Parent-oriented reviews of popular movies, music, and videos. For parents concerned about what their children are watching and listening to.

50 Ways Parents Can Help Schools
Want to find out ways you can make a difference in your child's education? Here are some ideas!

Angie's Parent Programs
A guide for parents in conjunction with the satellite broadcasts to help parents learn more about technology and how they can help children achieve success at school. 

Expect the Best From a Girl: That's What You'll Get
Topics of interest to parents raising daughters. 

End Homework Now
Educational Leadership article by Etta Kralovec and John Buell questions the benefits of massive amounts of homework which fall on parents' family time.

Strong Families, Strong Schools
Great information for families from a trusted education site. 

Boston Public Library's Teen Homework Help Page
Great educational links from one of the best libraries in the country.



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