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A note from Mr. Durant, Technology Teacher:

Many times, students ask me for web sites that can help them with their school work or suggest web sites they have found are helpful.  On this web page, I have compiled the best student web sites that I have found.   The problem is I am not a kid!  Here's where you, the student, can really help out.  If you find a web site or a group of web sites around a topic of interest please e-mail them to me,, with a brief description of the site(s).  I will post these web sites on this page.



Apple imovie Tutorials
Here you will find great tutorials from Apple, the creator of imovie.

imovie in the Classroom
Apple's Data Base of Units of Practice.  Here you can search for any "Unit of Practice" by inputting the keyword "imovie" to find out how other teachers are using imovie in the classroom.

imovie Tips and Tricks
An article from MacWorld magazine filled with imvoie tips and tricks.

imovie: Effects
A great free library of background, sound effects, and music that you can use in your imovies.

CD: Making Awesome imovies for home or school.



Making Your Own Web Page

Netscape Composer
Check this site out to get lots more information about Netscape Composer

Go further with more advanced HTML

Cascading Style Sheets
This free guide from W3C teaches you how to add Cascading Style Sheets to your page.  




Search Engines and Tutorials

Computer Planet

Info People Search Engine Tutorial

Noodle Tools Search Engine Tutorial

Search Engine Showdown

Search Engine Watch

Virtual Librarian Search Engine Tutorial




Evaluating Web Sites

Quick Web Site Evaluation

Kathy Schrock's Web Page Evaluation





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