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Education Journals and Periodicals

Learning and Leading with Technology

Educational Leadership

Technology and Learning
(800) 905-2334

Education Week on the Web

T.H.E. Journal Online (Technology Horizons in Education)
(800) 840-0003

Multimedia Schools
(800) 300-9868



Search Engines and Tutorials

Computer Planet

Info People Search Engine Tutorial

Noodle Tools Search Engine Tutorial

Search Engine Showdown

Search Engine Watch

Virtual Librarian Search Engine Tutorial




Evaluating Web Sites

Quick Web Site Evaluation

Kathy Schrock's Web Page Evaluation



Online Articles about Technology, Teaching, and Learning

Education Week
Technology Counts 2002: E-Deining Education
The fifth edition of Education Week's annual 50-state report on educational technology focuses on how state and district e-learning initiatives are changing the educational landscape.


The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education
Connecting the Bits
This report provides information for integrating technology into teaching and learning in grades k-12.  It is available online in a set of 9 PDF files.

eSchool News Online
Technology Boosts Student Performance
For advocates of classroom technology, this study links technology with student achievement.

CEO Forum
Key Building Blocks for Student Achievement in the 21st Century
This investigation identifies several key findings from the case studies of best practice classrooms, existing research and interviews with education experts.

The National Middle Schools Association
What Impact does the Use of  Technology have on Middle School Education?
Research on the impact technology mirrors the essential elements of successful integration of technology.



Authentic Assessment

Authentically Assessing What my Students Learned!!!
A good view of how one teacher has used rubrics in his classroom.

This great site lets you search and use already created rubrics.  There are many features that allow you to change their wording to add your own, post the rubric on the internet, and print it off to use with your students. 

Search a through a wide range of rubrics that are organized by subject and grade level.  Before printing these rubrics you can add your own touches.

Odyssey Rubrics
A huge depository of well made rubrics.  Great for using or stimulating ideas for your own rubric.

Rubrics from the Region 20 Educational Services
A great site for finding rubrics to use in your classroom.

Assessment and Accountability from NWREL

What Is Authentic Assessment?

The Case for Authentic Assessment





Apple imovie Tutorials
Here you will find great tutorials from Apple, the creator of imovie.

imovie in the Classroom
Apple's Data Base of Units of Practice.  Here you can search for any "Unit of Practice" by inputting the keyword "imovie" to find out how other teachers are using imovie in the classroom.

imovie Tips and Tricks
An article from MacWorld magazine filled with imvoie tips and tricks.

imovie: Effects
A great free library of background, sound effects, and music that you can use in your imovies.

CD: Making Awesome imovies for home or school.




Making Your Own Web Page

Netscape Composer
Check this site out to get lots more information about Netscape Composer

Go further with more advanced HTML

Cascading Style Sheets
This free guide from W3C teaches you how to add Cascading Style Sheets to your page.  



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