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Ms. Min-Jen Wu


Ms. Karen Euse
Ms. Karin Hobman
Ms. Margot Fox
Ms Maura Forcier

1st Grade

Ms. Jane Leo
Lindsay Cutter

2nd Grade

Ms Natalie Dean
Ms. Chari Dalsheim
Ms. Jillian Kalen
Ms. Jennifer Thompson

3rd Grade

Ms. Vicky Ferstler (Check out my web site)
Ms. Susan Hehir (Check out my web site)

4th Grade

Ms. Kathleen O'Connell
Ms. Tatiana With

5th Grade

Ms. Eleanor Demont
Ms. Vanessa Ouellete

6th Grade

Ms. Sandra Hegstad
Mr. Bob Miller

7th/ 8th Grade

Mr. Andrew Cook (History) (Check out my web site)
Ms. Sally Dean (French)
Mr. Mark Goldner (Science)
(Check out my web site)
Ms. Rachel Hayashi (English) (Check out my web site)
Ms. Suzanne Raskin (Math)
Ms. Elizabeth Bankson(Spanish) (Check out my web site)


Mr. Matt Durant (Technology Teacher)
Ms. Merideth Selden (Music)
Ms. Colleen Carney (Library)
Ms. Gail Puleo (Physical Education)
Elenie Tsarhopoulos
(Physical Education)
Mr. Bernie Pendleton (Art)

Heath School's Core Values:
Build Community | Communicate Respect | Work Hard | Strive for Excellence

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